Meet Dr. DeAnna Chenelle Murphy

Dr. DeAnna C. Murphy is described by her industry peers as bold, optimistic, and self-driven. A native of Red Springs, North Carolina, Murphy has dedicated nearly two decades of her life researching and serving dually-diagnosed populations: mental health and substance abuse.

Murphy’s impressive career was launched from humble beginnings as a case manager. She climbed the ranks to advance as a licensed professional counselor, having passed the national licensure exam to become a national board-certified counselor. Working alongside disadvantaged minorities, she gained insight as to how to apply critical theories to current problems.

 Murphy’s portfolio is robust with education and professional credentials. She received her BA in Political Science, her BS in Criminal Justice, and her Master of Public Administration all from North Carolina Central University. She furthered obtained her MA in Counseling from Webster University and her Ed. D in Educational Leadership from Fayetteville State University. Professionally, she attained licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor, a clinical addictions specialist, a National Board Certified Counselor, and a trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapist.

"So You Can Live on Purpose...

...And honor your dreams"

Murphy has taken her knowledge and skillsets into classrooms, church congregations, and the at-large community to empower the public on how to respond to the needs of those diagnosed with mental illnesses and addictions.

With her vast background through education and professional experience, Murphy has transitioned into her own private counseling practice. While she does not refuse any potential client, her primary targets are women. Murphy is working, therefore, to own a one-stop shop for women—a holistic center that offers healing from the inside out.


Among the plethora of programs, she plans to operate from the center is her signature project, Three Sixty Y.E.W (Your Embraced Worth). Three Sixty Y.E.W. equips women and girls with tools for gaining total self-acceptance—acceptance of their potential, their journey through life, and their personal value. Murphy believes that when women totally accept themselves, they begin to mentor other women to accept themselves likewise. Which results as cadres of women, who understand their self-worth; who are positioned to overcome barriers and social challenges; and who possess a unique identity that does not compromise their morals or SHIFT to the comfort level of others.

Released in Spring 2018, Murphy’s first children’s book, Rayne and the Yellow Dress part of a series titled Ebony Drive. This series was created as a pathway for parents and educators to discuss topics of colorism, hair texture, and body image with children in the black community.

Professional counselor, clinical addictions specialist, educator, author, and speaker Dr. Deanna C. Murphy is an incredible asset to her clients, the general public, and to the research community seeking answers to questions surrounding matters related to mental health, substance abuse, and identity.